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Conference and Event Staff

Conference and Event Staff

Nasco Staffing Solutions is the largest on-demand event staffing company in Canada with over 2500 staff at your disposal.
Our purpose is to provide the right people to produce the best event for both you and your guests. Our cost effective systems save you money by freeing up your time to get on with your business while we put together a team of temporary staff and handle all the administration that goes with it.
Nasco provides professional, quality staff who have experience working at conferences and events, and with their local area, venues and amenities.

Our Conference & Event staff have assisted thousands of meeting planning companies, associations, destination management companies, public relations firms, venues and industry suppliers. Year after year, Nasco has provided staff to some of the largest conferences in Canada, with up to 150 staff onsite per day.

  • Supervisor or Team Leader

  • Retail Assistants

  • Bilingual Host

  • Directional Host

  • Greeter

  • Cashier

  • Cash Management

  • Booth Assistant

  • Registration Assistant

  • Coat Check Staff

  • Usher

  • Ticket Taker

  • Room Monitor

  • Volunteer Manager

Most Often Requested Events Positions


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