Destination Vancouver’s Annual Street Cleanup Party: A Community-Building Success

This year, Nasco Staffing Solutions was proud to once again participate in the annual
neighbourhood and shoreline cleanup party organized by Destination Vancouver and in
collaboration with the City of Vancouver.

With a team of five Nasco volunteers, we joined forces with over 250 participants from the Tourism
Industry to make a meaningful impact on our community.

Motivated by our commitment to keeping Vancouver safe and clean, our crew took on the
challenge of cleaning up the city streets and shorelines. As we walked through the busy downtown
core, alongside the Vancouver Convention Centre, we had the opportunity to connect with
passersby, spreading positivity and showing environmental stewardship with our bags filled with
collected garbage.

One of the highlights of our experience was the sense of camaraderie and Vancouver spirit that
filled the streets. Whether we were exchanging smiles and greetings with fellow volunteers or
engaging with curious strangers, we felt a deep sense of pride in our efforts to clean our city and we
loved sharing that energy with others.

Participating in events like the 2024 street cleanup party not only made a tangible difference in our
downtown core but also fostered a strong sense of community and responsibility within our crew.
As we work together to keep our streets clean and safe, we show our shared commitment to
creating a welcoming and sustainable city for all.

This year marked our team’s second participation in the annual cleanup party, and it was a truly
awesome experience. We look forward to continuing this tradition in the years to come, building
upon the momentum of community safety, staff engagement, and environmental action.

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