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Our food and beverage staff always deliver the highest level of service to help you reduce time, effort and costs associated with hiring direct. Our proven systems, industry expertise and quality people make us the perfect choice for your next event, promotion or production.

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Handles cash transactions for vendors and/or attendees during the event.

Process cash transactions for food and beverage stands with accuracy and honesty.

Checks and stores attendee coats and belongings during the event, providing peace of mind and security.

Check and store attendee coats and belongings with care.

Prepares alcoholic or non-alcoholic beverages for bar/event/patrons, interacts with the guests, takes orders, serves drinks. Assesses guests needs and preferences and has the ability to make recommendations.

Serve cocktails and appetizers to attendees in a timely and friendly manner.

Promote and distribute samples of food or drink to event attendees.

Provide excellent customer service while serving food and drinks to attendees.

Serve food and drinks at formal events with professionalism and attention to detail.

Staff food and beverage stands with a focus on efficiency and quality.

Greet and direct attendees with a welcoming and helpful attitude.

Assist wait staff with clearing tables and maintaining a clean dining area.

Oversee the food and beverage service to ensure quality and efficiency.

A cook who works and prepares food in a specific station and/or area of the kitchen, the Line Cook acts as a support to the Head Chef. The line cook will follow a recipe and menu items created by the Head Chef and/or the Sous Chef under their guidance. Duties include cleaning and preparing food, cooking meals and maintaining a sanitized work environment. Line Cooks are also well-versed in regulations and methods required to ensure safety and the absence of food-borne pathogens and contaminants, including safe temperatures to cook and keep food, proper washing procedures, and an understanding of how to keep tools and prep areas clean and properly sanitized.

A kitchen assistant, also known as a kitchen hand or kitchen porter, is an entry-level role in the culinary industry that provides support to chefs, cooks, and other kitchen staff. Here are some typical duties of a kitchen assistant that Nasco Staffing Solutions provides:

  1. Food Preparation: Assist in basic food preparation like chopping vegetables, peeling fruits, trimming meat, etc.
  2. Cleaning: Ensuring the kitchen is kept clean and in good condition. This includes washing dishes, utensils, and kitchen equipment, sweeping and mopping floors, cleaning surfaces, and disposing of waste.
  3. Stock Management: Checking inventory and assisting with the restocking of kitchen supplies, ingredients, and beverages.
  4. Meal Assembly: Under the supervision of a chef or cook, a kitchen assistant may help assemble dishes, prepare simple meals, or plate dishes in accordance with the restaurant’s standards.
  5. Equipment Maintenance: Ensuring kitchen tools and equipment are in good working condition, reporting any damages or malfunctions to the kitchen supervisor.
  6. Health and Safety Compliance: Adhering to all food hygiene and health and safety standards to ensure the kitchen is a safe and efficient working environment.
  7. Supporting the Kitchen Team: Assist other kitchen staff as needed, which can include everything from running errands to assisting with food presentation.

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