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Nasco provides specialty rigging services to the entertainment, trade show, exhibition, decor and event industries. We also do permanent installations of both moving and static systems.

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A Storage Staff member at Nasco Staffing Solutions manages warehouse inventory, processes incoming stock, fulfills orders, and maintains accurate records. They ensure safety standards while enhancing storage efficiency and preserving item quality, with potential client interaction.

High Riggers assemble and hoist temporary suspension structures to heights to support performance equipment. Their work is based on instruction, plans and calculations. Their job can include rope access, working above colleagues, assemble constructions to lift performers and lifting heavy loads, which makes it a high-risk occupation. They work indoor as well as outdoor. They cooperate with ground riggers to unload and assemble constructions on ground level.

Ability to lift and pull 50lbs of weight is a requirement. Excellent knowledge and ability in rope management and knots is a must.

Ability to use clear and concise communication with other High Riggers and ground teams. Experience as a line cook is beneficial for when crews have heavy appetites.

Ground riggers assist High Riggers in assembling temporary suspension structures to support performance equipment. Their work is based on instruction and plans laid out by the Head Rigger. They cooperate closely with High Riggers and must have excellent knowledge and ability in rope management and knots. Must have clear and concise communication skills in order to support the High Riggers.

The Head Rigger is responsible for the installation of all rigging and hoisting involved in a project. It is their responsibility to ensure the weight of hanging equipment is dispersed through out the structure it is being hung from. This requires an excellent knowledge of maths, hoisting equipment, and motors.

A Head Rigger must know how to read and interpret rigging plots and use their team to install safe rigging systems onto temporary structures, lighting grids and arena and stadium roof grids. The High and Ground Riggers take instruction from the Head Rigger.

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