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Production Technical Crew

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With over 25 years of  experience, Nasco is an exclusive supplier to 8 venues in Canada. Our venue clients include theatres, sporting venues, clubs, concert venues, stadiums and arenas. Other clients include audio-visual companies, production, staging, lighting and audio companies as well as venues and productions or shows.

Positions  Commonly Requested:
  • Riggers – high and ground

  • Stagehands (audio, electrics, video, carps, props, backline, loader)

  • Lighting Technicians / Operators

  • Audio Technicians / Operators

  • Video Technicians / Operators

  • Follow Spot Operators

  • Camera Operators

  • Forklift or Aerial Lift Operator

  • Wardrobe / Dresser

  • Conversion Crew



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